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Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Hookers for Jesus

This is fucked up. See for your


The Hills

I wish to comment, to all my readers, the disgusting monstrosity and pure evil that I have in my heart for the MTV show "The Hills". There are many horrible problems in our society: war, drugs, homeless people, child abuse, racism, sexism and feminism. Yet, some people choose to waste their time by watching a program of complete irresponsible fucked-up shallow degenerates. They waltz around the city throwing their money around while daddy sucks on Satan's tit and mommy starts to drink at noon. Don't even get me started on MTV. Music Televison, really?!? Then where the fuck is the goddamn music you teenage bubble gum exploiting asshole licking fucking suits?!?! MTV should stand for Motherfucking Terrible and Videoless. For someone who actually watches the show and has half a brain with the IQ of a pencil, you might ask "You are just jealous of their wealth and fame, and what have you done that's so fucking great?" Well my little No. 2, I am not jealous; honestly. I am happy with my life and have been blessed with many friends and hookers. Today's society values money, wealth, big gold chains, fame and Chia Pets. I guarantee that it doesn't make everyone happy (although I rather do enjoy Chia Pets), because you always want more. It's just really fucking sad how dumb society has gotten. When you take away Darwin's "survival of the fittest" theory, you are bound and determined to get all the dumb-fucks who should have been eaten or killed by the smart people. Don't worry, I'm not going to go shoot up a mall or start a killing rampage; I have Grand Theft Auto for that. Also, I don't think killing is the solution and I would not advocate violence against people, unless your wife forgot to make dinner or she didn't do what she was told. If you have read this far, then join me in boycotting the exploitation of the human imagination, human decency, human intelligence, human trafficking, human nature, Bob Human and the humanity of humanistically humanitarian humanistic humanitarianism effort of all that is sacred! DO NOT WATCH THE HILLS!!!!!!!

Super Heros

I just thought this was funny

Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Is Mistletoe Poisonous?

I'm just wondering who the fuck would eat mistletoe, or how to you accidentally eat mistletoe. I would rather eat cameltoe, but that's just me.

The Claim: Don't Eat the Mistletoe. It Can Be Deadly


That Christmas bough of mistletoe has a legendary reputation for romance, but it is also widely considered as lethal as it is festive. At this time of year, poison control centers warn of the dangers of the plant, typically sending out “holiday safety” fliers that advise, among other things, to keep mistletoe out of the reach of children and pets, lest there be fatal consequences. Most experts say that all parts of the plant can be toxic, though it is the berries that are particularly dangerous.

In reality, studies show that mistletoe is not quite as hazardous as it is made out to be. The plant does in fact contain harmful chemicals like viscotoxins, which can cause gastrointestinal distress, a slowed heartbeat and other reactions.

But in studies of hundreds of cases of accidental ingestion over the years, there were no fatalities and only a handful of severe reactions. One study published in 1996 looked at 92 cases of mistletoe ingestion and found that only a small fraction of patients showed any symptoms. Eight of 10 people who consumed five or more berries had no symptoms, and 3 of the 11 people who consumed only leaves had upset stomachs.

Other studies have found similar effects, suggesting that while mistletoe can be toxic, its lethal reputation is not quite deserved.


Mistletoe is not deadly. But it can be hazardous, so don’t eat it.

Monday, December 3, 2007


The Best Page In The Universe

This guys website is fucking awesome. Check it out here. This test was pretty hilarious too, can you spot the pedophile?


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